About us

If three individuals start to incorporate to specify new targets and focus on their abilities then it generates Arthur Bechtel Classic Tours. All three have been successful so far but now they are going for the extra mile to offer exclusive and very specials tours about and around classic cars and beyond. Every bespoke tour shall become special and unforgettable bearing in mind that the guest’s individuality and wishes are always the topics. Since January 2018 all three of us are working with passion and commitment to arrange the offers for Arthur Bechtel Classic Tours. Get inspired and discover the different way of travelling.


Arthur Bechtel (Owner & Winter tours)

….. started in 1972 trading with Classic Cars and gained lots of reputation during this long period. Meanwhile he is established and worldwide appreciated. In all those years Arthur Bechtel travelled a lot. There is almost no spot on the world, which Arthur does not know. So he could build up a worldwide network of helpful contacts. A side line of Arthur’s Classic Car business was to organise successfully world tours. These tours were part of many well-known travel-company catalogues at a time where the World Wide Web was still beyond of imagination. All the experience and passion made the combination of the classic car branch and exclusive travel inevitable. Over the years Arthur Bechtel created a very specials relationship to South East Asia. Contacts became more intense, customers became friends. The idea of a classic car tour arose. Arthur`s precious contacts in Asia are now giving the support to let this specials Asia Classic Car Tour happen. Apart from that provides his high profile the chance to experience the German Classic Car fairs in a very special way.

 „It is a great pleasure for me to share my passion for South East Asia and classic cars with all my future guests and I am looking forward to introducing those exceptional spots you will never forget.“



Daniela Didzuhn (Classic Car Fair Tours in Germany and Winter Tours in Asia)

worked as hotel manager. That´s why she knows all about the wishes of our costumers. Due to her experience as hotel mangager she knows all the Top hotels and Europe and is perfect connected. All those things are now the base to organise exclusive tours. She travelled much as well and shares her South East Asia passion with Arthur Bechtel. Having made long lasting friendships she gained insights of the  culture and  everyday life. This is a must when you organise exclusive tours all over the world. For Daniela high service standards are self-evident. 

It is this combination of perfect appreciation, lots of tiny treats, individual and thoughtful attention to the guests to make such a tour unforgettable.“


 Axel Langer (England, Scotland & Ireland)

… left no stone unturned! He worked as a lorry driver – musician – teacher– estate agent – author – consultant, travelled a lot but finally has been hooked by the United Kingdom – mainly Scotland and England as well as Ireland. This is where Axel did work with all his passion. He knows the all: hotels and pubs, restaurants, inns and those hidden gems which make all his tours so complete. For more than 20 years he is tour operator covering the UK and Ireland concentrating all his experience in creating individual and very personal tour offers. The tour range stretches from Cornwall to Cumbria, from the Hebrides to Edinburgh and from Wales to Ireland.

 „Britain is a classic car country and places the traveller this special feeling to be in the perfect ambience where cars and countryside match so well. The Countryside and the Highlands will set free many emotions. These are the places where the heart is. And this is what I want to share with our guests.“


Our big support are all our great members of staff and business partners. Thank you to all of them for providing hard work and assistance. It’s a pleasure to have you on board!